Open 7:20pm with serenity prayer

  • Read last meetings minutes
  • LC is ok to speak at dance
  • People need to pre-register for EACYPAA if they know they’re definitely going
  • Need to pick a date for convention
  • Have pricing from 1 hotel (Caroline)
  • Chris nominated Caroline to be new Hotel chair, Roby seconded it
  • Caroline declined
  • Danyul & Caroline to collaborate dates and hotel availability
  • Eddie A. elected to be new Hotel chair
  • Eddie A. to find 2nd hotel with help from Caroline
  • Prison outreach volunteers – corrections workshop:  LC, Caroline, Kat, Robby, Danyul
  • Caroline to give dance update: They need people to pick up speakers in Bronx, & pick up drinks.  Caroline doing decorations, LC speaking, LC wants to know about pre-sale tickets, Caroline to find out from Meg
  • LI map with flags for outreach to be put in bid package
  • April 17th young people schools commitment at West Islip HS 7:20am – 2:10pm:  SIA schools person called Caroline.  2 years or more sobriety required/preferred.  We need one person to go.  Caroline will look for pamphlet.
  • First weekend of May 2009 for convention.  Danyul motioned, Caroline seconded.  Motion passed.
  • For bid package Danyul suggests Adobe Arobat .pdf like an e-book, 10 bound copies, shutterfly
  • Danyul nominated Chris to do actual design of e-book. He has accepted to take it on.  Chris in charge of creativity.  See him to be involved.
  • Theme:  Lighthouse, the Island, different LI pictures, the Robert Moses bridge, 9 spots on LI for each bid requirement.
  • Skit tabled until next meeting
  • Push for dance outreach
  • Who is taking school speaking commitment?  Decide between now and Monday business meeting.
  • How many pre-sale tickets?  25.

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