OPEN @ 7:10pm W/ the Serenity Prayer


    • BID REQUIREMENTS: Most of 9 requirements are met:
    • -Still need 1 more hotel.
    • -Statement of support in the works…will be brought up at assembly meeting this Sunday (3/30/08)
    • -Skit and presentation to be decided on.
    • -Outreach we have done to be included in section on ‘why conference should be on Long Island’
    • -we have 2 insurance quotes.
    T-SHIRTS: Chris N to email Liz H design (LICYPAA logo on front
    Licked theme on front and continuing to the back)
    Half the shirts black with white lettering the other half reverse.
    DANCE APRIL 11TH: LICYPAA to provide 1 speaker for dance.
    There were 4 nominees: Chris N, LC, Danyul, Chris P.
    After putting names in hat the speaker is LC and Danyul is back-up.
    CLOSE @ 7:50 pm.