OPEN @ 8pm W/ the Serenity Prayer

NEW MEMBERS: Christian, Allison, Doug, Sean


    CHAIR: SENY support for convention…letter will be emailed to Danyul.
    Suffolk GSO- w/in 4-5 months our committee will be added to service structure.
    TREASURER: $588 in treasury…will put together statement of self support for BID.
    SCHOOLS: need speaker for Thurs 4/17 at West Islip 7:20am to 2:10pm
    EVENTS: dance was success no report from NYCYPAA about profit.
    Roller skating event this Friday
    WEB: Chris N to work more on web and email newsletter.
    Monthly newsletter to be created by Joanne Z (talk to her if you’d like to be involved)
    MERCHANDISE: Liz needs Logo and Tshirt design to go further….Chris N will email that to her by 9:30 am Tuesday
    BID BUSINESS: Next meeting Monday April 21st then we do not meet again until Cleveland
    Still need 1 more hotel commitment and to put together BID package (anyone who can help contact Chris N)


    CLOSE @ 8:30 pm.