OPEN @ 7:50pm


    -LICYPAA logo to be made in color
    -All LICYPAA events $ to go toward BID
    -Collected theme sheets for BID package
    TREASURER: $573.00
    EVENTS:  -Bowling event was a success
    • -next event NYCYPAA/LICYPAA dance April 11th… need outreach  table
    • -Garden City group offers space for future event
    MERCHANDISING: prices on stickers 1000 ct for $170
    T-Shirts- $3-5 per shirt…need design.
    • MOTION PASSES: give Meg T trusted servant to redesign LOGO for sticker purposes

MOTION FAILS: give Liz H trusted servant to buy 1000ct stickers

    • -MOTION PASSES: give Liz H trusted servant to make T-shirts not stickers for LICYPAA up to $300
    BID SLOGAN: voted 9-6 “Create the Fellowship you Crave” beats out “We’ve been Licked”….minority opinion: statement missing first half… re-vote 12-2 “LICKED” theme wins.
    -MOTION PASSES: to table skit discussion until next meeting
    REASON TO HAVE PAA COME TO LONG ISLAND: Chris N reads example from NICYPAA…1st motion to accept statement as LICYPAA reason for hosting PAA…motion is 2nd….Motion is amended.
    • -MOTION PASSES: to use the above statement as a starting point and add to it geographical location and population and for Chris N to post on web.
    Idea for Homework graphics for actual BID package.
    • -MOTION FAILS: next LICYPAA meeting start at 6:30pm instead of 7pm… Meeting stays at 7pm.
    • -MOTION PASSES: Joanne Z to put together timeline to present at next meeting.
    CLOSE @ 9:27pm.