OPEN @ 8pm w/ Serenity Prayer

NEW MEMBERS: Bobby, Heather, Dave



    -need more presence in LICYPAA for service structure

-delegate questionnaire (GSO) March 21

-April 18- Facility Workshop@ Sing-Sing Prison (Ray D)


-Bowling event Sun March 16 4:30 to 6:30 pm

-Scavenger Hunt coming up

-Possible co-host April 11th dance w/ NYCYPAA

-E-mailed schools about speaking at prom…waiting to hear back


-minutes from business meetings to be posted on web

SENY rep:

-attended NERASSA (young peoples round table)

-see link for minutes from above meeting

-goal is to have all YPAA’s of NE region attend NERASS next year


    -Conference coming up around April 20th. We can contact delegate and host hospitality as LICYPAA @ Plaza hotel. We would be in charge of taking guests of delegates and trustees who are from out of town around NYC. (Ex: Statue of Liberty, museums). Entails getting list of people who are available to fill certain time slots. Contact made w/ hospitality rep and list passed around meeting of who is interested.

    -NYCYPAA Event April 11th to include LICYPAA on flyer.

    MOTION PASSES: “To contribute 10% of expenses towards NYCYPAA event April 11 up to $200.00 to co-host dance and we would receive 10% of profit.



    • -There were 6 submissions for logo contest. After 1st vote submissions were narrowed to 2 submissions and then after 2 votes with no winner of the majority we went to the hat…Logo #1 wins. Thanks to everyone who contributed!


    • -forms with ides were submitted to Bid Committee to be tallied and decided on at next meeting on March 17th at 8 pm.

    -Bid committee needs support so please attend Mon March 17th!!!

    CLOSE @ 9:05pm w/ I am responsible statement of AA.