Minutes 9-30-2008

EACYPAA Meeting Minutes
Emergency Meeting
Date: 9.30.08
Where: Liz’s house
Secretary: Liz H

Attendance: Liz H, Chris N, Brea L, Clea, Meg T, Dan, Jessica E, Andrew, John V

Start 7:10

Halloween Dance:
1. Motion to approve budget:
$100 facility usage fee
$100 speaker rental
$150 Red Bull and H20 (will make profit off of this)
$50 decoration
$450 total
Budget approved

2. Motion to approve dance ticket price:
$8 in advance
$10 at the door
Pricing approved

Registration Flyer:
1. Motion to approve the following pricing structure:
$20 until Jan 5th with a price increase to $25
Combo banquet and reg fee $55 until Jan 5th
Motion approved

1. Need to outreach for Treasury.  Geo was recommended to take over, will need to vote at next meeting.
2. Share-a-thon speakers needed for Oct. 12 meeting at 1:30, Sam nominated and was voted in, Andrew nominated and voted in, Chris was nominated in and voted in for moderator.

Upcoming Committee Meetings:
Programming meeting @ John Vs house after share-a-thon on Oct. 12th
Hospitality meeting @ Dan’s house  Oct 11th 5:00