Minutes 12-08-2008


Dec. 8 2008 (92 days until convention)

West Islip Community Center

Liz H

Open 7:45 with introductions

Committee Reports:

Secretary Report: Accepted

Treasurer: George

Total in treasury: $4912.87 ($1,000 set aside for mailing, $600 set aside for New Years dance).

Hotels: Caroline

Hotel visit set for Dec. 12th @ 12:00. Can also go on Jan 24th (will discuss further closer to date).

Outreach: Fred

  • NECYPAA upcoming in CT over New Years will outreach there.
  • Outreached at NYCYPAA Traditions and Ice Cream social this past weekend
  • Putting together conference packets to give to groups so they can mention convention at their meetings
  • Needs people to outreach in different states, email list going around
  • Meeting Sun @ Dec 14th 4:00 at Kats (events, programs and outreach)

Events: Jessica and Brea

  • Meeting Dec 14th (events, programs and outreach)
  • Planning a free event in Jan (some type od service event)
  • End of month EACYPAA Idol (will work with entertainment chao to have idol winner perform at convention)
  • Needs help at dance – sign up sheet passed around to help with food, door, refreshments, tickets

Literature and Display: Joanne

Newsletter just went out

Program: John V

Meeting Dec  14th (events, program and outreach) will listen to speakers

Will finalize speakers for all open spots on the 28th @ the Nassau meeting

Novelties: Co-chair – Tony, Meg N/A

Need to add tag line to t-shirt, Tony will get revised pricing

PI: Jeff

Needs help, asked for emails and phone numbers

Registration: Clea and Chris N/A, sent report

63 registered attendees, 1 registered al-ateen

Hospitality: Dan

Meeting Sun Dec 21 @ 5 at Dan’s house (hospitality, hotels and PI)

Will draft hospitality pitcvh for groups for donations

Will discuss gifts for speakers

AA field trip Fri Dec 26 to AAWS (in NYC)

Entertainment: Rachel and Eric


Big book trivia on

2 bands (need input from committee, will send out myspace links)



Mardi Gras dj dance

Pre-conference event on Thurs at a bowling alley, food, shoes, 2 games $30 – $35 per person at Sayville bowl, can only bowl at 9:30, will research other bowling alleys

Dec 16 committee meeting 7:30 @ starbucks across from Massapequa HS (South Gate shopping center)

Web Master: Chris

Give Chris anything that need to go up (i.e. MP3s of speakers)

Chair: LC

Need to make sure that all regs are fully filled out, write check # on reg form, if cash, write cash

Need to put into order deadlines for all business to make sure everything gets completed in a timely manner

Send all agenda to committee members and post on website

We are in all bulletins!  Woohoo!

All committee heads should try and find a service sponsor

Co Chair: Grant

Dan Eric and Grant are looking into tours to GSP and the City great way for out of towners to see the city

Asked all chairs to keep him in the loop, looking forward to helping out and attending committee meetings

Alon-anon in attendance: Gordon and Sarah

Needs clarification on what we need them to do –

John V to send Gordon open time slots after next meeting, but need to fill up 3 time slots (2 alanon, 1 alateen)

Will have a table for literature available

New Business:

Events new biz

2 events in Jan –

Free event (service orientated) $200 budget, coffee, snacks, space

Approved free event budget

Eacypaa idol (end of Jan)- $100 to reserve space, will discuss budget at next meeting


Rachel- entertainment, needs $940 budget approved for convention

DJ and Karaoke on both nights ($295 x2- DJ and karaoke)

Bands ($175 x2)


Childcare – need to check insurance rider, advisory, hotel and service sponsors before we offer childcare (Liz and Brea to research)

Closed 9:40