Minutes 11- 10- 2008


Eacypaa Meeting

West Islip Community Center

Liz H secretary

Start: 8:00

Committee Reports:

All committee heads in attendance

Secretary: LH

Notes accepted

Treasury: George C.

GC presented worksheet detailing spend/profit so far.  $3,172 in account.

Treasury report accepted

Hotels: Caroline

In contact with hotel as necessary, no new business.  Will most likely meet with hotel next month.

Hospitality: Dan

Electing co-chair tonight.  Hospitality meeting once new co-chair is in place, probably next month.

Events: Jessica, Brea

All events in the works: bowling, ice skating, traditions play, new years dance.  Looking for additional events for the early part of next year

Traditions play (Brea) – play rehearsals every Sunday. Went to the city to see the Atlantic group put on their production of the Traditions Play.  Need to borrow shades from Doin it young group.

Literature and Displays: Joann

Newsletter went out,  all flyers have been made.

Outreach: Fred, Kat

Need help distributing flyers to other groups. Committee meeting at Kats house Sun 11/16 at 4:30 (East Northport).  Will be dividing up dates for outreach.  Urging us to attend other YPAA events: upcoming NECYPAA conference last weekend in Nov as well as other conference in CT in Jan.

Merchandise: Meg

Working on T-shirt design and merch ideas.  Outreach banner completed (and beautiful!)

Registration Chair: Clea

Needs help and a co-chair.  About 50 paid registrations so far.

PI: Jeff

Compiled list of treatment centers to outreach.  Needs additional out of state contacts.

Program: John V.

Needs meeting minutes from last program meeting.

Nov 16 next meeting at John Vs house 7:00

Due to school schedule John will only attend Nassau meeting, will send out all reports for the Monday meetings.

Entertainment: Rachel

Ideas: Sat – DJ, BB trivia, talent show, mardi gras or st paddy’s theme party, Mafia game.

Next meeting in the next week or 2.

Website: Chris

Nothing new to report

Chair: LC

Electing co-chairs tonight.

Asking committee members to fill out phone # list for all committee heads, co-chairs.  Need to be better about communicating with each other – all committees, although hosting separate meeting, need to communicate with each other so we function as 1.  Need to utilize calendar on website so we don’t overlap and so everyone is informed of what meetings are being held.  Unity and communication is key!

Mailing: Working with all service parties in AA (Seny, intergroup) to get bulk mailer stamp in order to save money.  Have been researching numerous ways to save money and get this done.  Printer in Great Neck to possibly handle mailing (2300 person mailing) – will include bulk rate, printing folding, sorting, mailing. Just found out from Advisory that the list needs to get scrubbed – many of the addresses are wrong (will discuss during new biz).

Read off list of responsibilities for 5 co-chairs and reviewed 3rd legacy voting.


Registrations Co-Chair – Chris

Hospitality Co-Chair – Justin

Entertainment – Eric

Proposed Budget for the Convention:

Motion on the floor to pass the following budget:

Outreach 100

Lit and display – 600

Program – 200

Merchandise – 1,000

Registration – 550

PI – 100

Webmaster – 50

Hospitality – 2,000

Entertainment – 1500

Subtotal – 6,100

Worst Case scenario

Buffet – 3,000

Rooms – 1775

Subtotal – 4775

Grand total – 10,875

Motion on floor to move 150 from lit and display to outreach to cover printing, increase entertainment by 500, increase merchandise by 350 for a total 11,725 (increase of 850).

Motion approved .

Motion to close.

Meeting closed at 10:00