Minutes 10-13-2008

EACYPAA Meeting Minutes
Date: 10.13.08
Where: LC’s house
Secretary: Liz H

Start 8:00

Committee Reports:
Treasury (LC in place of treasurer): $2419 in our account.  Still waiting on $1000 advisory seed money.

Hotel tour was last week.  Nothing new to report.

Finalizing YPAA manifest.
Finishing up list of meeting with other YP.
Need help in reaching out to other YPAAA events.

Dance 10/25.
3 speakers finalized, Chris P, Nancy B and Laura.
Need help setting up , refreshments and greeters.
Play/Spaghetti dinner Nov, 30 at the NB Annex – all participants need to be there by 3:00.
Need to start thinking about Nov. event ideas.

Everything is OK – no news.

Needs a total of 19 workshops for the weekend as well as alkathon meetings.  Meeting regularly to fill those slots up.

T-shirt design should be ready in 2 weeks.
Needs to create a banner for our events.


LC has been working with Jeff to decide how to outreach to TCs and how we can include them in our convention.

Dan is actively planning out how/what is needed.  Asking for group donation of coffee pots.

Committee meeting this coming Weds at Starbucks in Mass. To plan out and think of ideas.

Chair Report:
•    Will request committee chairs of other service bodies (i.e. archive, CPC) to come to our events so we can learn more about what they do and we can work with them in the future, also to give other YP a look into service.
•    We are urged to attend SENY mailing party in Nov to see how they do it.
•    Need to get 5 new registrants per person per month.
•    Need mailing list from Advisory
•    All committee heads must either attend or send detailed report to all meetings so the body knows where they are at.

Old Business:
Need treasurer.  3rd legacy voting elected George C. in to the position.

New Business:
Motion passed  for a no call/no show rule where if a committee head misses or doesn’t send their report after 3 meetings (doesn’t have to be consecutive) we vote in a new committee head.

Motion passed that we meet at Nassau Intergroup at 5:00 instead of at 7:00.

Motion approved to pass $200 budget for traditions play

Motion passed to purchase yearly insurance for $327.00 if we cannot get a policy for 6 months.

Motion passed for no entry fee into the dance if you buy a combo ticket; $5 discount if you only register for the convention (no banquet ticket).

Motion passed that we sell LICYPAA t-shirts at dance for $10 and give 3 away to the people who have the least amount of time during the sobriety countdown.

Motion passed to give Meg $30 for banner.

Motion passed that it is OK to post flyers on events in other areas that happen to fall on the same dates as our events.

Motion to close approved (not sure of the time, I think 10:00)