Entertainment Sub-committee minutes 01-22-09

Entertainment Sub-committee minutes 01-22-09

Meeting begins at 6:30PM

Discussion about allocation of space in Hotel begins

Tentative Decision:

FRIDAY Islip Room Karaoke
Crystal Ball Room Bands
Holbrook Room Game Room
Ronkonkoma Room Drum Circle
SATURDAY Island Ballroom DJ
Islip Room Open Mic
Face Painting
Holbrook Room Arts and Crafts
Ronkonkoma Room Game Room

Bands will have to provide their own PA which is highly irregular. In the original bid a PA was sanctioned for the band. In lieu of the indecision of what DJ company to go with, Bands may now have to provide their own PA which may not be possible. Donations are against the traditions so there may have to be money allocated in the budget for this. Since the DJ is still undecided, Doug will look into getting a PA. The PA needed must be powerful enough for a 3240 sq ft room or a 3500 sq ft room. Doug will have bids by Sunday for the Host Committee meeting.

Game Room has been considered to be a Chess and Playing Cards Room for one of the nights. Committee members would like to tie that in to the Marti Gras Theme some how.

Eric will be making calls to various magicians, caricaturists and face painters to get pricing.

LIDJNOW.com has placed bids for $100 per hour per entertainer for magicians, caricaturists and the vetoed Tarot Card Reader totaling at $300 – Price on face painting unknown.

LC will look into Arts and Crafts Supply’s for Saturday Night

Wed 1-28 – tentative visit to check out hotel again. Call must be made by LC or Caroline before anyone can tour the facility

Rachel has requested contact information for “Verbal Sideshow.” Doug will email you that information tonight or tomorrow.

Meeting ended at 9:45