Entertainment Sub-committee minutes 01-06-09

Entertainment Sub-committee minutes 01-06-09

(Thanx to Jessica for taking the minutes tonight -D)

1) Meeting opened 7:35

2) Minutes from last meeting

3) Pre-Conference Event:
Bowling Thurs night
Sayville – no space
Centereach (9 miles)
Smithtown (9 miles)
– Need $30 deposit
– Centerreach is easoer to get to and if we reserve lanes for $30 and loose it it’s no big loss
– We have to put the deposit down soon
– so we need to run this by the entire committee? Consensus is yes
– volunteers needed to pick up attendees in Ronkonkoma, bring to Doing it Young and back to bowling alley.
– Eric will put down the deposit and if committee votes against it he is willing to take the loss
– Rachel will speak with Dan at Hospitality about volunteers to meet guests and drive around Thursday night

4) Jessica and Dom came with research
Dom- $200 more than what Matt proposes
2 Plasma TV’s – Zap guy takes pics throughout the event (may be against traditions) or visuals as people dance
Sound system JBL Pro-concert Sound
Dom donates equipment and services for free if $ is not in budget
Passes around picture of setup
Amps/mics = $800
Matt thinks lighting is gorgeous
$400 additional for professional sound engineer, mics/amps/monitor for bands
Total: $1200 for 2 nights
No karaoke system (rental $150-$200) will use LCD screen for that
Written Proposal to follow

Jess: 3 DJ’s from internet contacted
– lowest prices $350 per night (no PA’s rented) (others $450, $650 per night)
– Outside companies offer basic setup at higher price
– Geo – cannot find Matt’s company online
– Jess – are both companies insured? Yes
– On February 9th committee meeting we will vote on both proposals
– Matt cannot make PJ party
– we can hear his music at one of his booked events
– Is there a possibility of splitting DJ’s on Fri and Sat night? Already decided to have no DJ Friday Night
– Is there a possibility of changing already decided plan? Like one band on Friday night and a DJ or a DJ both nights? –nothing set in stone
– talk about the above
– Bands play for 1 hour each so there is time for other
– some people feel DJ both nights is good
– others disagree
– talk about 2 DJ’s same night
– Matts company not willing to compromise their proposal
– prayer chair steps in
– more discussion on DJ’s
– no more talk on who is DJing because no headway is being made
– discussion moves to what will appear on program
– Fred – suggest to take poll in what to do and if still divided bring to body
– more discussion 

Fri – 2 bands/ Karaoke Fri – DJ/alt
Vote on < or <
Sat – DJ/alt Sat – DJ/alt

Poll leans to 2 DJ’s and 2 alts. We will bring to committee Monday

Question Why revoting format when it was once voted in at last subcommittee meeting? Also budjet approved by host committee

meeting closes @ 9:24 b/c we were out of time